Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magical Christmas Eve

DSC01709 Ready for Dad’s work Christmas Party- luncheon.

We even got a warm shower, thanks to Paul and the boys for replacing the water heater last night, so grateful. In spite of the week, it turned out to be a great Christmas! I was beginning to wonder.

DSC01713DSC01725Painting pictures for Grandma and Grandpa

DSC_4787 Made with love, thanks hon!

Sage was thrilled to be the angel, and Sophie and Trevor enjoyed being the wisemen in the Nativity at Grandma’s, although they put the gift right on baby Jesus' head. My mom asked me to put it together this year, I had to do it quick, but it turned out nice. Then listening to Grandpa read Luke II, fun traditions and night to focus on our Savior.


Kelly said...

You all look lovely. Merry Christmas!

Tina Michelle said...

That first pic is so adorable!! Love it!

You asked how we keep track of all our books on my blog....My library has an amazing website that keeps great track of everything for me. I get email reminders. I also log onto my library account regularly to see which books are due and read them first. I try to keep the ones due the soonest in a pile to be read first but that does not always happen. My library website also has the wishlist which helps me keep track of all my books I wish to read but never have time for. I love my library! I think we spend too much time there tho!