Thursday, December 23, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

Literally. I would much rather be doing a cute Christmas post right now, but this week hasn’t been exactly that. I was looking forward to the holiday break (busy month with work) to relax and enjoy my family this week while Nick is home for Christmas and the kids are out of school.

Week in a nutshell- Monday we found out we’re a victim of Credit Card fraud, we froze everything and spent the next day going through the red tape. That day water started seeping into the girls room due to a seal on the rain gutter gone bad, Paul’s been working on that, hard to seal in the snow and rain though, the garage door was malfunctioning, plus half that day the neighborhood was out of power. That was the day Paul had off this week to “enjoy” his family. (we did escape it all and take the kids to see Tangled, a nice break, the girls loved it). Still trying to find time to organize the Primary for the new year, was going to work on that Monday & Tuesday. At least I got my Christmas Cards out and neighbor gifts delivered over the week-end or it may not have happened :). Today I got my final shopping done (I never wait this long), then came home to a flooded basement (not kidding), our water heater has given out. Really, all I could do was laugh, I’m sure to keep from crying. Our home isn’t that old, had it built 7 1/2 years ago, but everything seems to happen at once, even on the week of Christmas. So who knows what tomorrow will bring, Christmas Eve, but for now we have no running water (I can handle no power much better then no running water). Can you tell blogging is my therapy today? So, chocolate and Christmas treats that neighbor friends delivered for dinner tonight. I guess you could say this is a memorable Christmas.

In the whole spectrum of things, I know these are little things to deal with, although it may not feel that way right now. It may not be a perfect Christmas, but we are blessed with good health, a warm home, the gospel, friends & family… that’s what really matters.


To end with something pleasant, Trevor and the girls first piano recital (Sophie left, Sage right). It was fabulous, for just starting lessons the month before, they have a great teacher and they’re learning fast. Love these cuties!

Have a Merry Christmas! Hope it's dry


Tina Michelle said...

Oh no, that is a lot to go wrong at once! I hope all clears up soon! That is one great pic tho!

Kelly said...

Oh, my! What a frustrating time it must have been. I'm so sorry to hear of the downpour of obstacles you've been dealt with and hope and pray that everything is getting better.

On a bright note, I hear that Nick just started getting his mission application started. That's wonderful! Your family will be blessed as he goes out to serve for the next two years and it will strengthen all seven of you. I cannot wait to hear where he'll be going! In the States, somewhere far away, English speaking, foreign?

Cindy from central NC said...

Oh Dianne. Bless you heart, you poor things. Credit card fault is just awful and a hassle.

Your family looks lovely and happy, though. I love your first post (at the top) with the picture of you and the girls. You three are real beauties! :)

Merry Christmas!