Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa stopped by..

DSC_0136Stockings were filled DSC_0187 DSC_0206Smiles were plentiful

DSC_0195DSC_0197 DSC_0214

DSC_0210kids were grateful and fun was to be had (Paul won the Wii at work a few days ago, sweeet, since our old one broke)


What a blessed Christmas, they each received one main gift with some stocking stuffers, went for quality not quantity this year. They were thrilled and very thankful.


I had to show the girls stash, a little more then one main gift since theirs were less money and they didn’t get the i-pod touch they asked Santa for. They squealed when they opened our old Blackberry phones, we figured it’s everything they wanted an Ipod to do, and more- takes pictures, plays music, games, organizer... They were thrilled. Sophie carefully tidied up her pile and placed everything on her new folded fleece blanket (left or top ). Sage was too busy to worry about all that, but kept her stuff in a close proximity (right or bottom). It’s great how alike yet how different they are.


An intense game of Tennis. We could’ve stayed in our PJ’s all day relaxing and playing, but the phone started ringing, time to go to Grandma’s and see cousins. That was fun too.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Tina Michelle said...

Oh how fun. THat is so neat how different the girls left their stuff. We have the Wii and we love it so much. I hope your family gets as much joy out of it!

Anonymous said...

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