Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“Bounce Back” at Lagoon

Don’t mind if I do
took the girls suggestion and headed straight to the Roller Coasters
Nick had to work this time :(, but Josh’s bud Spencer joined us.
We heart the swings!  Sophie left, Sage rt.
Holy Cow, they talked me into letting them get double scoops, and said they would eat it all.  The worker thought they were cute and gave them enough to feed our whole family! 
Saved by the cup.
Trevor jealous of their big cones, he had a different scooper :)  Well, the girls tried, but I'm happy to say they couldn't eat it all
Boys and their ice-cream.
A good day indeed!

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Diann Shields said...

hi, this may seem weird, bit I have followed your blog for awhile. We have adopted two little girls from China, 3 and 5. We have just moved back to Utah and was wondering if you could email me privately and give me some advice on dance and schools etc. From the look of some recent pics we live in the same area (Draper). Anyway I would love to know some more about the best places for the girls! Thanks!
Diann (diannshields@yahoo.com)