Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Day with my Boys…

DSC_7159and what a good day it was


The girls were invited to Seven Peaks (waterslide park) with their good friend, so we enjoyed some rare time with only mom & her boys…

DSC02529Not so little anymore, sigh...  We drove around uptown listening to a great/ funny CD and enjoying the sights, then ended up here.  They were good sports to let me take pictures :)  


Neat seeing the new displays in the Visiting Center and watching Testaments again.  Trevor was impressed by the displays of emergency welfare provided throughout the nation and told me to sign him up, he wants to help!  I think he’ll do a lot of helping and serving in his life, him and his brothers have such a love and concern for others, now if I can say they always show that to each other, well usually :).  We also enjoyed a nice chat with some young girl missionaries from Hong Kong, they said how lucky our girls must be to have 3 big brothers, cute.



Beautiful JSM building on our way to the Lion House for their famous cinnamon rolls.  Don’t mind- N & J in jeans &  T in his swimsuit from earlier today.  We didn’t plan this far ahead.    



So fun spending the afternoon with my boys, we’ll do it again soon and see Legacy.  

Happy Independence Day!

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Kelly said...

You got some great pictures of the boys at Temple Square. I love the Legacy film! I'm sure your girls had a fun day too. What a treat for everyone.