Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

DSC_7163My patriotic girls

DSC_7233Sage took picture of her flag, maybe photography in her future? :)

DSC_7168Trevor and his scout group in charge of the flag ceremony- Go scouts!

DSC_7173Heart this picture of Josh and Dottie.  She used to be Josh’s primary teacher when he was about the girls age, she would secretly tell me he was her favorite.  Now he’s the first one she calls if she ever needs help.  We love you Dottie!


DSC_7183DSC_7175DSC_7197Sage, Kennedy, and Sophie after the bike parade.  If these three aren’t in the pool, they’re on their bikes enjoying these long summer days.  Nick & Dad couldn’t make the neighborhood breakfast- working.  Missed you guys!

DSC_7203Ha, ha

DSC_7216Later that day, ready for the parade


DSC_7238DSC_7215Word of advice, you don’t want to sit by Josh during a parade of a neighboring city.  When the Jordan High football team went by in the parade with their squirt guns & water balloons, gently squirting the crowd, Josh yelled “Go Alta!”  Rival High School where Josh goes.  I quickly covered my camera when I saw it coming, Nick & Josh both ended up drenched, and the poor lady next to them.  It was pretty  funny, ironically Nick got the worst of it and he’s a proud Jordan Alumni.  Wish I had it on tape.  At least they were cooled off.


cool fly by, entertaining parade with some great talent and beautiful floats.  Horses were the only things missing. 

After the parade we headed home and BBQ’d on dad’s new grill, then back for the awesome firework show.  It was a delightful 4th!  I love my country and my community, my religion and my freedoms.  Blessed to be an American! 


Beckie Perry said...

So funny the girl on the Midvale float is Alma's cousin's daughter and the little boy sitting behind her is her little brother. :)

Dianne said...

Beckie, congratulations to her! Small world you would see them on my blog. Thanks for stopping by :)

Kelly said...

I enjoyed the parade pictures and the float. How I missed celebrating 4th of July in Taiwan this year!