Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trevor’s a teenager!


DSC_7049Thanks Grandma

DSC_7137pool party

DSC_7110 football camp

DSC_7106pushing themselves in the heat!


Scout pool party


Nick taught the boys some racing strokes.  He’s such a fast swimmer, I thought he’d be a little rusty since not swimming much since HS, but he’s a natural.



They learned the Butterfly, Freestyle, Back & Breast stroke, and the quick swimmers turn.  Good job boys, those who stuck with it did well.  Thanks Nick.

DSC_7339Party hosts


Then around the fire for S’mores

Trevor, you’re going to be a great teenager.  You add so much to our family, and your sisters think you’re the bomb!  We love your humorous, witty, kind and happy ways.  Happy Birthday big guy.   


SSBenjamins said...

He is such a darling boy and look at his beautiful eye's.. Happy Birthday Trevor, I am super jealous of your pool- how fun for you guys!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to Trevor! How cool to have his big brother helping out with some swimming tips. We could use him over here, not just for my new girl, but for me! ha ha. You have a huge backyard!