Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting our ocean fix…

at the Living Aquarium, since we don’t live near an ocean, next best thing.  pics from my small purse camera

DSC02619 - CopyDSC02617 - Copy

Sophie left, Sage right, straight from work for me

DSC02537 - Copy (2)DSC02539 - Copy (2)DSC02541 - Copy (2)

Trevor’s frog is a bullfrog, ha

DSC02547 - Copy (2)DSC02549 - Copy (2)

Entertaining Puffer Fish right

DSC02552 - Copy (2)DSC02554 - Copy

the cool Jelly Fish- Sea Nettles on left, Moon Jelly on right, pictures don’t capture their mystical glow

DSC02564 - CopyDSC02566 - CopyDSC02570 - CopyDSC02573 - Copy

Beautiful Coral Reef

DSC02577 - Copy

the Sea Horses, Trevor teaching his sisters

DSC02568 - Copy Lion Fish having a bad day, everyday :)

DSC02583DSC02581 - Copy

Petting the Sting Rays, the girls weren’t so sure about touching them- so slimy and thought they’d get stung,  wanted proof their stingers were really clipped, lol.  We were there at feeding time, man were they hungry.

DSC02605 Leopard Shark

DSC02609 a Penguin came to say hi to Sophie


measuring up to the largest penguin, the Emperor Penguin

Fun outing, they also enjoyed the Parana’s, Octopus, Crocodiles, & Lobsters.  I’m planning some fun hands on summer fieldtrips and service projects each week until the end of summer, the kids love it.  To keep their writing up over the summer, they write about their excursions.

What are your favorite summertime activities?


Vivian said...

I miss the ocean. Sometimes I still wonder why I live here?? :) The pictures turned out great. Gotta take my kids there again, it's been a while!

SSBenjamins said...

I love the aquarium, it's so much fun and I am so happy the Penguins are here. You seem to do so many fun things with your kids- I am glad they are getting to have a great summer. Very cute pictures.

Kelly said...

Your camera phone did just great!

Crystal said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I still haven't been there.. I can't wait for Libby to get bigger so we can take her. :)