Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Sophie & Sage!

Everyone's singing to us sis...
(first birthday celebration)

Wow, birthday's are a blast!!

With our good friend Addison, she's so much fun!

So glad Lindsay and Dannie came, they are our awesome primary teachers. We love playing with them! Like our whole body bib mom put on us to eat our cake?

Jen & Philip (Addison's mom & dad), playing keep away from Trev

Pampered for our Birthday!

I love the expression on Sage's face in the middle. They showed sheer delight with each gift they opened, especially the "My Little Ponies" from Uncle Mike.

Thanks everyone!!
Sage put all her stuff in the bags and held them on her back and said "it's my backpack". When I put them down for bed, I noticed all of their gifts safely tucked away right by their bed. Can't blame them, they've never had "their own" stuff like this, but they still crack me up

Our first birthday party, Wow! What a magical day. We invited our favorite people and had a great time in our back yard. A big thanks to everyone who came and all the nice gifts, and to mom & dad for the fun celebration. We feel loved!

Thanks to everyone who came at such late notice! [busy week] You made it very special for Sophie and Sage.

Sage- white dress, Sophie- red flowers

5 comments: said...

They are loved! Wow. What "cuteness". It's contagious. ha ha... I love the "body" bib. My girls have one, well it's the same one they had as infants. We will be using it until they go to school.. ha ha... It truly looks like they had a fab-o party.


kerri said...

Happy 4th birthday to a pair of cuties, we share the same special day. I love the photos, terrific memories in the making.

Trish said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage!

I read a comment you left on Double Happiness that your husband printed your blog into a book. I'd love to know how he did that if you have a minute.

Thanks. Kristi

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