Saturday, May 26, 2007

We rode Roxy today!

Roxy is so gentle and nice

Getting a good education
Mischief is sooo soft~ isn't this the cutest?

Our neighbor's horse had a baby! Sophie and Sage got to ride Roxy today, proud mom of her colt "Mischief". She is so adorable!
The girls were a little nervous at first, more from me backing away to take some pics then being on the horse. When Roxy started walking, they started giggling so hard, wish I had it on tape. They loved it and didn't want to get off. They got to feed Roxy her favorite- carrots. Then they gave Mischief a hug and kissed her good-bye on the leg. What great horses, thanks Laura!

Updated 7-22-07 for FFFF #36 To see more cute horsey pics, Click on Donna's Double Happiness

2 comments: said...

Simply priceless! I love it that they weren't afraid. What were they looking at under the horse?! ha ha.... Love the collage-- as usual!


Diana said...

Amazing are lucky to have neighbours who have such great props to get those amazing shots of your girls. My neighbour may have a fly they can pose with. Seriously, your girls look so precious and I have to tell you that I love their story. I too, am a twins-from-China Mom. Aren't we the lucky ones?