Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been tagged!

Rony, mom of cute twins, from insanemommy tagged me with this mame. I'm supposed to share 7 unique things about myself...

Here goes...

1. Growing up, although shy, I was a daredevil, nothing scared me (that all changed after having children, now I'm not so shy but can be a big "scaredy cat" ie. mice, spiders, blood, especially from children...)

2. My best friend Katheleen & I (6th grade) had a school article written about us saying we were siamese twins, seperated at birth, finally reunited. We were such good friends and so much alike. I had awesome friends growing up!

3. I was a slob until I turned 12, just ask my sister, then overnight I astoundingly became a neat freak and have been ever since, well, before bringing home two treasures from China. My biggest pet peeve is crumbs and clutter on the floor, I've had to close my eyes a lot lately.

4. I met my husband with a wrong telephone number... we met the first week of college and got married 3 years later. I married my best friend and we're heading towards our 18 year anniversary, where has the time gone?

5. I hate epiderals and had all three child births natural- no medication, what was I thinking? Whatever's best for my children :)

6. I love music and I choose & conduct the hymns in church each week. Yikes- this is new to me!

7. Seven "would be" my lucky number, if I believed in luck, especially while in China... Flew in a Boeing 777, received our girls on Aug. 7, my b-day is Aug. 7 (best ever), we traveled in a group of 7 (then became 9), we checked 7 bags, now we are a happy family of 7 :) Such blessings!

O.K. Rony, although I normally don't do a post all about me, this was fun reminiscing, Thanks- anyone else who wants to play and share 7 random things about themselves, love to hear!

Hit 10,000 visits today, thanks for following our blog and for the many nice comments.

Go Jazz! They just won the Golden State Warriors and moving on to the Western Conference Finals! Yahoooo!

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theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Honey sometimes it's all about us! ha ha.... I love your post.