Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy, We Love You...

Here's why...

~We love you for being so funny and always making us laugh
~We love you for working real hard so mom can stay home to play with us
~We love you for letting us help you mow the lawn and ride on your tractor
~We love you for taking us boating, swimming and sledding
~We love you for not getting mad when we make mistakes
~We love you for your big hugs and playtime when you get home
~We love your mustache and how it tickles our face
~We love you for never complaining when you see our messes
~We love you for buying us pretty dresses
~We love you for teaching us to speak English
~We love you for helping us sit quietly at church
~We love you for treating mom like a queen and us like a princess
~We love you for agreeing with mom (finally:) to have more children
~We love you for coming all the way to China to bring us home
~We love you for keeping us together as sisters, and giving us 3 awesome big brothers- our heroes!
~And for loving us dearly and treating us like little ladies
~We are lucky to have a daddy like you!!! You're pretty lucky too!

Happy Birthday to Our Awesome Dad!!!
Saw this idea on Lisa's great blog


insanemomma said...

These are such awesome pictures. Daddy is so lucky to have to precious little ladies.......

I've tried and tried to make the lumapix work. I can't get it to attach to my blogs. It says they did to be JPG or Gif which they are but it constantly says "error".... Am I hopeless?

Robin said...

Awesome photos. Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage's Dad!!

insanemomma said...

try either of these two e-mail addresses.

or or Those are three of my five accounts....


M3 said...

Awwwww, that picture with the little sunglasses is insanely cute. Fun! Happy bday S&S's dad.

Cindy from central NC said...

Great great inspire me.
I, too, have a terrific husband who is so much fun and so engaged...we're all so lucky on so many fronts, aren't we! :)

Happy Mother's Day to you....

Yes, Minister... said...

Great images and they are so cute! How could their dad not have a great birthday with those two by his side!