Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mom's behind the Glass!!! Little Gym Update...

Hide & Seek
"They'll never find us here!!"
It happened! The girls walked right into Little Gym yesterday, pointed to an empty chair where the parents sit behind the glass, and said "we'll be right back." They are so proud of themselves (rightly so) and have come along way. Thanks Janet, Kim and Summer for your fun loving ways that helped my girls feel secure at Little Gym! They have been home for 9 months now, and have bonded to us very well, it is great to finally see them trust enough to let us go for a little while and know that we are coming back . They are going to primary on their own and don't mind when I get a babysitter every once in awhile- Thanks Lindsay & Dannie, and Laura- they love you guys! They will do great in pre-school. I'm so proud of Sophie and Sage, this was an enormous step and a big fear to overcome.


insanemomma said...

Man, you make me look like such a bad mom. I haven't enrolled my girls in anything. Not even self help therapy which I'm sure they will need.. ha haha..... Ohhhh finding the time.

Sophie's Mom said...

Awe... What big girls they are! Love the pictures!
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